The leasee receives on hire the vehicle and accessories that have been signed for on the reverse in perfect working order and condition. The lease. undertakes to conserve and drive the vehicle according to the conditions of the traffic code. It is specifically forbidden:

a) Transport persons or goods, when this implies directly or indirectly the sublease of the vehicle, also to transport more passengers than the number of seats in the vehicle

b)Allow people not authorized on the reverse to drive the vehicle. In any case they must be over 21 years of age and possess a driving License for the type of vehicle and have been in possession of this license for at least 2 years,young driver charges will be apply for drivers younger than 26 years old.

c)Drive the vehicle whilst in poor physical condition due to alcohol, drugs, tiredness or illness.

d)Use the vehicle to push or pull others.

e)To use the vehicle in any sporting events

f)Unseal or manipulate the odometer. Should the lease find a fault in the odometer they must advise immediately

g)drive the vehicle outside of Spain or on non-asphalt roads

h)drive the vehicle outside of Andalucia without the consent of the company

I)Drive the vehicle outside of authorized places region or roads will incurr a surcharge of 0.50 Eur Km,and all damages and expenses (example road assistance etc...)will be in charge of the lease


The vehicle must be returned to the place stipulated on the date and time stipulated on the reverse. Any change to this must be specifically authorized by leasor. Failure to fulfill this condition allows the lessor to require the retum of the vehicle judicially.Rentacarspain Sl is not responsible for anything the client may leave in the vehicle after return the car or during the rental period.If the leasee wishes to extend the duration of the contract he must advise the branch of rentacarspain where he hired the vehicle before the agreed date of termination and must, if the lessor so requires to pay in addition to the rental to formulate anew contract Formulating a new contract could, if the leesor requires entail the lease to return. with the vehicle to complete the new contract. Rentacarspain reserve the right to withhold returning the deposit of the contract for up to and including 6 months in the event of any discrepancy with the contract. The vehicle, whilst not expected to be cleaned by the leassee must be returned in a reasonable condition. In the event of heavy and unreasonable soiling rentacarspain si reserve the right to charge up to €100 for the in depth rental vehicle andcleaning of the vehicle. In the case of the vehicle been returned prior to date determined in this contract then a refund will only be due at the discretion of rentacarspain si. In any case the refund will be calculated at the general rate of rental Rentacarspain reserve the right to reposess the refund any un-used days.


The lessee agrees to pay in addition to the rental charges of the vehicle and taxes determined by the ruling tarrifs, those charges relating to loss of documentation, 2 x triangles, hi-visibility jackets, tools and spare tyre. Further, the lease is obligated to pay any and all fines and judicial costs incurred upon the vehicle during the period of the contract. The company reserves the right to charge an administration fee of €50 to process all fines and judicial documents. Rentacarspain S.L reserves the right to make charges for costs incurred if the vehicle is not returned to the point specified and at the time specified at collection of the vehicle. The lease authorizes rentacarspain SL to charge on the credit card detailed overleaf the extra charges for non-fulfillment of the conditions of this contract. Independently of the amount indicated in total on this contract Rentacarspain SL can cancel the car rental contract without refund at any moment for non fulfillment of the conditions of this contract or for any reason Rentacarspain sl consider the lessee is not in the conditions to continue with the vehicle,partial refund can be done for the decision of the company Rentacarspain Sl. Loss of car key is €150(200 if remote control) plus the cost to take the lessee a new one. In case the rented vehicle is stolen the lessee must have the key(s) of the car rented and return these to rentacarspain SL. If no the lessee will be the responsible party of the car and must pay 65% of the vehicle value. In the event of a leasee makes application to the credit card handling company for charge-back of any fees or deposits made to rentacarspain that are not justified within the terms of this contract rentacarspain SL Reserves the right to charge an administration fee of up to €50 to process all papers supplied by the credit card company.Due to tecnology some advanced models can have radios with bluetooh,system of global positioning,media... etc in case are stolen by client negligence(f.example:dont lock the car..) it will incurr a minimum surcharge of hundred Euros Should a lessor utilize road side assistance for matters that are caused by the negligence of the lessor and causes displacement of staff Rentacarspain SL reserves the right to charge a displacement fee of up to €200 Putting the wrong fuel type into a vehicle can result in a charge of up to €200.


The insurance arranged by the lessor covers the lessee and authorized drivers against civil responsibility (damage to third parties) for an unlimited amount, bail and legal defense as maybe required by the driver in criminal cases Not considered as third parties for the effects of the insurance are wives, husbands, children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters of the leasee or authorized drivers or partners or persons who may have a salaried or working dependence specifically excluded from the insurance guarantee are loss, theft or damage to goods transported in the vehicle. The responsibility of the lessee in respect of any damages caused to the rented vehicle is limited from 300 to 2000 Euros and 65% of the vehicle value incase of fire, theft or total disaster


a)The lessee will take the following measures in case accident suffered with the rented vehicle: a)Not prejudice or admit responsibility for the act

b)Obtain full details of other parties completing the form supplied with the vehicle documents and supplying to the leasor.This includes Communicating immediately by telephone in the case of serious accident,client must sent accident form in a maximum of 24 hours

c)Notify the authorities immediately if there is any guilt on the part of the other party(s) involved.

d)Not leave the car without taking adequate measures to protect it and keep it safe.

e)In case of accident or damage caused due to drivers negligence, the client must pay the days that the car is being repaired


The lessor will reimburse the cost of lubrication, oil changes and small repairs (excluding punctures) up to a maximum of 30 which must be justified with the appropriate receipts and invoices. Previous authorization of the lessor must be obtained before affecting any repair over the value of €30 or arranging towing of the vehicle. In case of vehicle break-down rentacarspain can not guarantee a replacement vehicle. The vehicle as 24 hour

breakdown assistance, however, in case assistance is requested where breakdown is due to the negligence of the renter a minimum charge of €100 to €500 will be made(example: leave light on and said car is without batery,car without fuel...etc).


The leassor states that all the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent mechanical faults in the rented vehicle but in the case of these takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect prejudice caused to the lessee as a consequence of said faults or breakdowns.


The resolution of any question which may arise regarding the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract, the parts thereof, with of cede of laws which may applywill be subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the Malaga courts

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